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 Wanting a Mod Team

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PostSubject: Wanting a Mod Team   1/26/2013, 7:38 pm

So, as Lok: Factory Compound progresses very slowly, I've come to a realization that what I want in the end is a dedicated team to these visions for the game.

As a continuation of the The Exile's Voyage mod by AQT as well as his Death Watch Bunker map, I am heading a new series called Battlefront Legacies, or Battlefront Galaxies as I cannot decide on a firm name, as I am taking a lot of inspiration from my experiences of Star Wars Galaxies of old and of new, as well as adding some elements from a fanfiction of mine.

My vision is to recreate maps based on various locations from the famed MMO and to perhaps give something a little bit different to the community.

With this mod will come support for multiple stock gamemodes plus a new gamemode based on the Death Troopers novel and content in which you survive waves of Death Troopers and various undead until you die or you reach the wave limit. If someone would like to join me and help with multiple sections of the mod, please let me know.

Not only is SWG going to be referenced, but other classic Star Wars games, such as Dark Forces 1, 2, Jedi Outcast, and Academy, and maybe even Shadows of the Empire. I want to create not only an action-packed high-quality mod, but another one that brings a bit of nostalgia along with it. I do not know how successful this endeavor will be, but if I have enough backers, this dream can become a reality.

I do have a history of procrastination, as a forewarning, but a mod of this size will likely take quite awhile.

Here's a planet list, perhaps we can narrow it down. I don't want us being overwhelmed (maybe we can at least release 'expansions' in time):
Mustafar: Relics of the Old Republic (old Republic factory that spans several levels)
Tanaab (never been done before iirc)
Blackguard Raid (lost Star Destroyer near Ord Mantell)
Corellia: Factory Extermination
Dathomir: Imperial Detention Center
Talus: Dearic
Kashyyyk: Myyydril Caverns
Kashyyyk: Avatar Platform
Kuat Drive Yards
Kessel: Prison Facility
Gromas: Mine
Anoat: City
Orinackra: Crix Madine's Fate
Ramsees Hed
Fuel Station Ergo
Jabba's Yacht (might be hunt mode support in here vs Kell Dragons and stuff)
Anteevy: Construction Facility
Coruscant: The Imperial Mask (this level might be fun)
The Arc Hammer
Valley of the Jedi
Barons Hed
Cairn Installation
Doomgiver (space battle part)

Again, will narrow it down to just a few for first release also so that we don't overwhelm ourselves. Also if possible, will support all stock maps.

My studio is called BloodSky Productions.

Areas needed covered:
Modeling (player models, weapons, props, vehicles)

And I feel too sick to list everything else at this current moment, but basically everything will need to be covered.
I'll do a progress bar thing later. I'm going to go lay down, but I hope people find at least the concept awesome. This isn't as neat as Glitch's thread, so sorry.

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Wanting a Mod Team

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