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 Map List

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PostSubject: Map List   Map List I_icon_minitime2/27/2016, 7:44 am

Here is the planned map list:

Emperor's Retreat, West of Moenia on Naboo (self-explanatory, but I want a battle to take place there. An attempted Rebel assault)
The Warren on Dantooine (horrific research facility experimenting with human brains, even so much as implanting one in an AT-ST...)
Koseyet Mining Camp, surface of Mustafar (Battle of Koseyet between HK-47's Droid army, random spacers/mercs/commandos, and Mustafarian Miners)
Gungan vs Imperial Battle, Somewhere on Naboo (this battle kept going on since SWG's launch, between Swamp Troopers and Gungan Warriors. It's based on a Point of Interest on the map)
Battle of Restuss, Rori (Constant struggle between the Alliance and the Empire on this battleground)
Old Republic Droid Factory, NE of Tyrena, Corellia (planning on Imperials sending troopers to investigate and shutdown an old CIS factory in the mountains)
This: http://swg.wikia.com/wiki/Avatar_Platform (maybe a mix of an space/ground battle. Not sure how to properly do that. This won't come for awhile. Rebels and Wookiee Prisoners vs Trandoshans)
Sait's Rebellion (An Imperial captain has gone rogue and taken his Star Destroyer with him. A group of adventurers who want to take back the ship can recruit a pilot to smuggle them aboard. ISD Blackguard)
and finally, the last four:
Aurillia Village on Dathomir (Force Sensitive Villagers/Militia vs Mellichae and Sith Shadows)
Imperial Prison on Dathomir (Imperials vs Escaped Convicts, Rebel sympathizers, criminals)
Quarantine Zone on Dathomir (Death Troopers vs Everyone)
Nightsister (Singing Mountain Clan) Cave/Nightsister Stronghold on Dathomir (Nightsisters, Rancors vs Spacers, Pirates, Mercs [Adventurers]...also random creatures as locals that attack both groups)


Possibly more. Might even include the Lost Village of Durbin, on Talus.
I am still planning on revisiting Lok: Nym's Factory Compound, once Nym and the weapons I need are properly fixed on their UV.
Fort Tusken, Tatooine. Probably a battle between various militiamen and the Tusken Raiders. Might be Rebel backed, but I am unsure as of this moment.
Krayt Graveyard, Tatooine
Nym's Palace, Lok (Will do two eras here. TPM-era with the Trade Federation attacking the base. GCW where it follows the final missions of 'Nym's Theme Park')
Abandoned Rebel Base, Dantooine (the main Rebel base, a year before Ep4)
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Map List

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