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 Empire Rising

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PostSubject: Empire Rising   Empire Rising I_icon_minitime6/13/2014, 7:00 pm

Empire Rising AgjFd0P

Empire Rising CaeIIZ5
(Click Image For trailer)

Empire Rising

It has been five years since the formation of the Galactic Empire. All remnants of the old republic have been torn down
and a new stronger order has taken its place. With our exhualted emperor leading us into a era of peace and justice,
he needs an equally strong military to help him maintain it. Though a lot has changed since then, one thing has not...our will
to fight. For a galalxy that clearly needs order, it is us who will strike our hand and answer her plea.

In a nutshell Empire Rising is a small era mod aimed to deliver a more arcade style type of gameplay
deeply inpsired by Battlefront 1. It also serves as a modding portfolio for not only myself, but
for other talented modders such as Republic commando and Unit33 of SWBFgamers. I had worked on
this project for a little over 8 months and since then it has gone through a lot of changes. I feel comfortable enough
with the progress to show you ladies and gentlemen what I have been cooking up.

What you can expect (This varies in the Beta build):
-Battlefront 1 inspired set ups and gameplay proporties
-New voice work for most units
-New Weapon Icons
-New effects and models by various modders
-New Audio for weapons
-Models inpsired from the PSP battlefront games, from the cancelled Free Radical BFIII and Canceled Star Wars First Assault.
-New Skin and Texture work for all models and units

*Everything from models, skins and weapon set ups are subject to change. Nothing in the following images is final*

Rifleman Class:
Blaster Rifle
Blaster Pistol
X2 Thermal Detonators
X2 Medkits

Heavy Class:
Rocket Launcher (varies between units)
Blaster Carbine
X2 Mines
X2 Ammo Packs

Sniper Class:
Sniper Rifle
Blaster Pistol
X1 Probe Droid Units
Assassin Blades/Melee Attack (varies between units)

Engineer Class:
Blast Canon/Grenande Launcher (varies between units)
Blaster Pistol
Repair Tool
DetPack/Timed Charge

Officer/Special Class:
Trandoshan Hunting Rifle/Missle Canon (varies between units)
Explosive Pistol/Tri Shot Pistol (varies between units)
Bacta Wave (currently under heavy debate, temporary)
X2 Mines (currently under heavy debate, temporary)

New Skins and New Reticule

The Development Team:
-TwinkeyRunaway (Project Leader and Texture Artisit)
-Republic-Commando (Weapon Modeler, Unit modeler and UV mapper)
-Unit33 (Weapon texture artist and Scope texture artisit)

Promotional and Special Contributors:
-Nedarb7 (For new HUD implentation, consulting and some model work)
-Icemember (For considerable backpack model work)

-(There is a small postion open for anyone who is familiar with making new effects and wouldn't mind lending thier talent over for some reasonable requests. Credit will be given)

Credits As of Now:

If I left anyone out or you see an asset that was uncredited let me know. I went through so many assets and changes
over the past year I could not remember everything used.

Q & A (will be updated with each new question asked) :

Empire Rising E4hpIoI

PUBLIC BETA: coming soon
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Empire Rising

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