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 Arua R.O.S.E.

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PostSubject: Arua R.O.S.E.   Arua R.O.S.E. I_icon_minitime2/10/2011, 10:19 pm

Ok, I'm now going to tell you abit about a game called "Arua ROSE".

First: It's a 3D online game where you play a an avatar and are fighting against monsters. You start at a "Training Island" where you'll be learning the basics about the game, and your target is to reach level 10(I think) so you can move on to the "real world".

Second: You are never alone(except maybe at the training island) cause there are thouthans of other players playing this game.

Third: The classes are different, I allways play as a "Muse" and are traying to get my second job wich is the "Cleric" class for muse. The others that I can remember now is the "Hawker", "Solider" and Dealer. That's all I can remember. You have to be in level ten to get a first job, and to get that you have to do a quest. As for the second job, you have to be in level 70 or so, and there's only one second job for every class.

I'll edit this post later, but for now, I'll take a brake 8)
Pluss, I'll make a gameplay video too(I think...)
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Arua R.O.S.E.

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