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 Designated Days Mission Briefings (Journals)

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Designated Days Mission Briefings (Journals) Empty
PostSubject: Designated Days Mission Briefings (Journals)   Designated Days Mission Briefings (Journals) I_icon_minitime1/20/2017, 1:58 am

Day 330 of the Republic-Rathian war.

Almost a year has past. The war now comes to Tatooine. The Rathian government used propaganda on a local city full of citizens who weren't really happy with the Republic to begin with. All walks of life on Tatooine began to come together. One such group was a band of Tusken raiders, but primarily pirates and mercenaries banded together against the Republic forces stationed there. They saw the Republic as an illegal tyrannical government who cared little for the people they claimed to serve. The Republic barely existed there already and the people didn't want them there. The Republic attempted supply relief efforts for starved cities who needed food and water, but their convoys always got attacked. The Republic only had one embassy there, located in Bestine. Republic intelligence reported that there were some high ranking Rathian officers in Anchorhead, so a capture operation was then being planned. The target building was located. Troopers at the ready, Republic armor ready and gunships spooling up to lift off. The convoy began to make way for their destination. TV-05's and TT-5Ts. Once they got to Anchorhead, everything seemed okay. The troopers started repelling from the crafts and some rangers got dropped off on top of buildings. Then, everything began to go south. A trooper missed the ropes and landed on his back on the ground. Captain Fitz was the last to repel and instantly called for a medic. They were suddenly shot at from all sides. Tusken cycler rifles, blaster fire, everything started to heat up. As elite troopers rounded up the enemy lieutenants, they cleared the area of hostiles. The convoy arrived....they just needed to defend it until everyone was in the Republic hover trucks. A blaster shot rang out. One of the troopers were hit through the neck. Man down! Hurry, boys! Get those guys in there! The trucks were loaded and began to move out....other than the two incidents earlier, everything seemed to be under control...when a proton rocket flew out of nowhere and hit one of the hovering gunships in the tail, causing it to spiral out of control and land in a courtyard a few hundred meters out. It just became a rescue mission. Now it's the job of the 2nd Rangers to reach the crash site, recover anyone there, and reach the safe zone.
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Designated Days Mission Briefings (Journals)

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