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 Class Layouts

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Class Layouts Empty
PostSubject: Class Layouts   Class Layouts I_icon_minitime9/3/2016, 3:50 am

This will serve as a guideline for class/map layouts for varying maps involving the sides, to go off of when making maps. Also will list what

models to utilize or recommend to utilize.

And also some ideas for upcoming maps.

Point High Hym (based on: Pointe Du Hoc, Normandy Coast)

514th Pathfinders Regiment:

514th Rifleman (DC-15A, DC-5CP, thermal detonators)
514th Rocketeer (DC-500RL, DC-5CP, thermal detonators, mines)
514th Support Gunner (DC-30Cal, DC-5CP, ammo, "suppression", when crouched - extremely accurate)
514th Marksman (DC-15SR, DC-5CP, thermal detonators, turret)
514th Engineer (DC-15SG, fusion cutter, health/ammo, satchel charges)
514th Medic (DC-15 Carbine, bacta injector, health, endurance buff)
514th Grenadier (DC-50GL, DC-15 Carbine, thermal detonators, smoke grenades [launched as a secondary munition from the GL])
514th ARC Captain (DC-15S Ops, ARC Pistol [DC-17 HB], thermal detonators, rally)
Hero: ARC Commander Phalanx (DC-2TAR, ARC Pistol [DC-17 HB], very high explosive thermal detonators, concussion grenades)

235th Rathian Elite Armored Division:

Rathian Rifleman (SACR-8, CP4, thermal detonators)
Rocketeer (CRPG500, CP4, thermal detonators, mines)
Rathian Assault Rifleman (CAB-44, CP4, thermal detonators, concussion grenades)

Rathian Marksman (SACR-S8, CP4, thermal detonators, turret)
Rathian Engineer (CSG-37, fusion cutter, health/ammo, satchels)
Rathian Medic (CB-40, bacta injector, health, endurance buff)
Rathian Heavy Sniper (CPR-42, CP7, concussion grenades, fragmentation/plasma trip mines)
Rathian Elite Captain (CAR-35, CP3, thermal detonators, rally)
Hero/Villain: Lieutenant Commander Janos Blanck

Layout to loosely base on: Class Layouts Latest?cb=20150702161403
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Class Layouts

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