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 Kamino Civil War v1.0

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Kamino Civil War v1.0 Empty
PostSubject: Kamino Civil War v1.0   Kamino Civil War v1.0 I_icon_minitime4/27/2015, 9:27 pm

It just occurred to me that I never posted this first simple old mod of mine on Gametoast before, so here it is. I no longer have the source code, so I cannot modify it anymore.

Kamino Civil War v1.0

This is my first real attempt at modding. The basic premise is that there are two advanced clone factions vying for control of Kamino's cloning facilities, and by extension, Kamino itself. These factions are conveniently color coded red and blue. For people like me who don't like always having to decide what class is best, I have made a single "super" troop that basically combines the best from each: jetpack, shield, sniper rifle, etc.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get ZE to work, so the battle is set on the stock Kamino map (I suppose that makes this be just a sides mod, though hopefully a good one).

Installation Instructions:
copy KCW to your */Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData/addon folder (if it's not there, create it first)

To uninstall just remove KCW from your addon folder.


Gameplay videos:

Link: http://www.moddb.com/members/razac920/addons/kamino-civil-war

anyone who's helped me thus far

The troops don't have a jetpack model to accompany the jetpack effects.
If you find any more bugs, feel free to contact me at smithd920@gmail.com

Anyone can do whatever they want with this, so long as credit is given.
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Kamino Civil War v1.0

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