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 Easy Medals v1.0

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PostSubject: Easy Medals v1.0   Easy Medals v1.0 I_icon_minitime4/27/2015, 9:23 pm

This single-player mod is designed to help people quickly get awards for their profiles. There are two edited shipped maps in this mod.
For the Clone Wars Era, it is set on the stock Tantive IV map. There are unlimited reinforcements for both teams. To end the game, just take the CIS CP. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE THE TWO NEUTRAL CPS. I've modified the LUA to prevent them from being in the victory conditions. (Yes, I realize now that there are better ways of doing this, but I made this mod over a year ago and lost the source by now :/ )
Nuclear Missile Launcher - very powerful rocket launcher which also emits radiation (no awards)
Uber Rifle - very powerful blaster rifle (Frenzy Award)
Uber Shotgun - very powerful automatic shotgun (Regulator Award)
Uber Sniper Rifle - multi-shot horizontal spread sniper rifle, best used on level ground (Marksman Award)
Uber Pistol - very powerful pistol (Gunslinger Award)
Grace Period Counter - after getting award you can't get it again until you have respawned AFTER having it for at least 30 seconds, these time bombs make it easy (and fun)

After you get an award for a gun, that weapon disappears, letting you keep track on what's left for each life. However, for this map you cannot get the Demolition or Technician Awards (since there are no vehicles).

Thus, for the Galactic Civil War era, it is set on the stock Hoth map. Here, vehicles have been heavily modified in that most don't even appear on the map, but you can spawn many more yourself.

One feature that may even be unique is essentially a NOCLIP mode. To access it, create either the chaingun or laser speeders, and exit/crash/blow up in them. You should be able to fly around and still use weapons, but can no longer be harmed in any way. Depending on how you enter the speeder, you may have jetpack effects indicating your location (needed to keep you from falling through the ground, though you can still explore down there if you wish). It's quite difficult to explain in words, try it out for yourself!

PS - you can exit noclip by either: suiciding in menu, dying from out of bounds, or entering and exiting any non-chaingun/laser speeder vehicle (turrets included).

Here are the specifics for this era:
Uber Sniper Rifle has been retained
Uber Fusion Cutter works like a normal one, only about 100 times faster Smile
the Chaingun/Shotgun speeder: has a chaingun(rifle) and shotgun to earn awards
the Laser/Rocket speeder(Non-obvious): Lasers are used on ATATs and ATSTs for demolition, rockets are used for gunslinger(pistol)
The EMP/Incendiary Bomber Speeder: The fastest of the 3, this one can emit EMP bursts and drop devastating incendiary bombs (both just for fun, no medals, save maybe War Hero in about 2 sec :P )
Weaponless ATST: spawns a harmless ATST that rebels can enter, used for technician/demolition
Uber Time Bomb- same as in earlier era (30 sec timer for grace period, messing around, whatever).

Important things to note:
For some inexplicable reason, if the chaingun/laser speeders were allowed to reach their normal max boosted speed, they blew up from nosedives. Therefore, they've been slowed down slightly.
The chaingun/laser speeders don't spawn in front of you, you spawn directly into them as though they were remote droids--required to be able to NOCLIP
Also, when in noclip, if either the chaingun/laser speeder is deployed somewhere, you can TELEPORT back into it by using the same weapon you used to create it.

Download if it seems interesting.
Link: http://www.moddb.com/members/razac920/addons/easy-medals


Gameplay videos (all previous "Easy Awards" version):

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Easy Medals v1.0

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