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 Background Information

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PostSubject: Background Information   2/10/2015, 7:48 pm

Command and Conquer: Brotherhood Rising, a modification for the original Operation Flashpoint, is based upon the visuals of the original Command and Conquer (Tiberian Dawn or 95. Whichever people are more familiar with) created originally by Westwood studios. Eventually the mod will cover all games of each universe: Tiberium universe, Red Alert universe, and Generals universe. A variety of units and objects will be available for mission makers to use in campaigns and individual scenarios, and will have available to them the abilities to create the missions they desire to see from a first or third person perspective utilizing various uniforms, equipment, stationary weapon systems, vehicles, ships, and aircraft to create authentic or completely fanon scenarios involving things from every universe.

Right now the focus is the original C&C, with also some Red Alert vehicles in progress as well. I will create a release thread for anything from full releases, to patches, to small hotfixes. I hope people here who have Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis or Arma: Cold War Assault, will enjoy the mods.

See you on the battlefield, Commanders!
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Background Information

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