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 Strange Bugs in map.

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PostSubject: Strange Bugs in map.   3/9/2014, 3:24 am

I am making a mission map for the Death Star and I ran into a few problems, I'm pretty sure I screwed something up in the lua. I tried asking about it on gametoast but no one has replied for 2 weeks.

The issues are:

  • No one spawns as the Rebels.
  • In GCW conquest, no one spawns as the Empire, either.
  • Also in GCW conquest, you can't win by capturing all CPs.
  • Custom units won't load. (luk.lvl, which just includes child classes of Pilot Luke and Stormtrooper Luke with Tatooine Luke's geometry. It of course also includes the model, (and all related files), cloth .odf, .reqs and a folder in _BUILD\Sides)
  • In CTF, Han is missing.
  • Also in CTF, when I play as Obi-wan, he'll fall over like he died and then run around all weird (like a big blob of model).
  • In hero assault, the prison block CP is still there.
  • Also in assault the point limits weren't changed.

Here's the lua:



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Strange Bugs in map.

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