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 Freeze Gun - Need some advice/help

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PostSubject: Freeze Gun - Need some advice/help   7/21/2013, 11:51 pm

Model im using:

Im currently trying to get a carbonite freezing gun work properly. I know its somewhat of a long shot, but it seems possible according to these two threads.

Force stasis code

This guy claims to have gotten it working with a rifle:

Ive tried following the instructions for the force stasis code and repeatedly I was met with crashes.(im a bit inexperienced but I know enough where to put the code in). Would anyone know of a possible alternate way of achieving this? I know nedarb7 suggested using arc caster code and taking away the damage, which I did try and it didn't seem to work either (didn't crash like the stasis code, but it just shot an effect with no making the unit stay put/phasing). Im thinking maybe force choke with falling animation, but again with no damage I think it will do what the arc caster did to. If anyone on here attempted it, maybe you can give me advice or maybe point me in the right direction of someone who would know how to do something like this.
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Freeze Gun - Need some advice/help

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