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 Designated Days Early Days

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PostSubject: Designated Days Early Days   Designated Days Early Days I_icon_minitime5/22/2013, 10:17 pm

Designated Days Early Days Ddedtitlebar

The early days of the war. During Geonosis to Rathia. Before Order 66.
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PostSubject: Re: Designated Days Early Days   Designated Days Early Days I_icon_minitime12/8/2013, 4:16 am

Mission to Bothawui: A small task force of the 514th Pathfinders Regiment is dispatched to Bothawui to investigate a large battle that once took place both in space and on the ground during the Great Galactic War. A secret among the wreckage clues the 514th in to how Rathia evolved to what it is now which will help a great deal with this future enemy.

Details about the secret are classified to public eyes, however all Commanders in this room have access to the files.

A human group known as "Children of the Core" branched out from Coruscant and sought refuge among the Bothan population to get away from the overly active capital planet. There, they helped the Bothans both militarily and economically....when suddenly the Great Galactic War consumed the planet. Drafted as mercenaries on both sides, they fought not only the Republic and the Sith Empire, but also they killed their fellow brethren alike during the chaos under orders. Enraged by this, the split groups of family and friends united once again and exiled themselves after the First Battle of Bothawui in 3671 BBY. Seeking refuge for an isolated planet beyond the outer rim, they found a suitable star system and spread out among the habitable planets of their own choosing. For a few thousand years, the Children of the Core thrived and eventually established separate 'nations' on the planets they inhabited. Practically forgetting their history, they started forming alliances with and against one another and even started warring against one another without the rest of the galaxy paying them any attention. They finally caught the Galactic Republic's eye as they resurfaced during the Blockade of Naboo when they briefly traded with the Trade Federation and then cut all ties to the mentioned faction out of fear of also being blockaded. This is where the Rathians' hatred of the Republic and CIS plays part today and why there is such a big population on each planet in the system.

(This map/mission will link to an eventual DD: Old Republic mission. Massive Republic vs Sith Empire battles will be expected on most maps, including the First and Second Battles of Bothawui, which will also tie to a few personal characters of mine from SWTOR. Ord Mantell will hopefully also make it in. I'll have to ask Ice for quite a few props.)
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Designated Days Early Days

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