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 Multiple Weapons Sharing One Award Weapon

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PostSubject: Multiple Weapons Sharing One Award Weapon   11/21/2012, 9:35 pm

This occurs with the Blaster Pistol and the Commando Pistol

I've added the lines

ScoreForMedalsType = 1
MedalsTypeToLock = 1

To the weapon files "cis_weap_inf_omm_rifle_info" and "cis_weap_inf_sup_rifle_info" (originally in common folder) and linked them to the correct odf files.


Essentially mimicking the Blaster Pistol and Commando Pistol odf's. When I get 14 kills in game with these weapons, the Frenzy award does not appear, but it does show up with the stock rifle.

EDIT: LOL nevermind. Munged again and tried in game. It works. Smile
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Multiple Weapons Sharing One Award Weapon

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