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 SWBF2 Quotes

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PostSubject: SWBF2 Quotes   8/31/2012, 10:45 pm

This post is going to list all the quotes in the game and the code used for each one.
(Adding _inVehicle & +InVehicle makes the same quote sound more like its spoken over a radio)

(Ex Normal) cis1_inf_pc_com_clear_area AttackPositionVO
(Ex Vehicle) cis1_inf_pc_com_clear_area_inVehicle AttackPositionVO +InVehicle

-----Galactic Republic-----

[Random Playing]
"Let's turn this place into a scrap pile!"
"Blowin' stuff up never gets old!"
"For the chancellor!"
"Watch your flanks"

[Enemy Spotted]
"Battle Droid! I'm on em!"
"Battle Droid! Take em out!"
"Battle Droid! Knock em down!"
"Take out that sniper!"
"Sniper fire!"
"Super Battle Droid! Take em down!"
"They've sent in the supers!"
"Watch those wrist rockets!"
"Destroyer Droid! Watch yourself!"
"Droideka! Take em out!"
"We've got bugs." (Geonosians)
"Watch it! Gamorean Guard!"
"Take out that turret!"
"Destroy that turret!"
"Watch for turrets."

[Enemy Vehicle Spotted]

[Friendly Fire]
"Check your fire!"
"Friendly fire!"
"Save it for the enemy!"
"Knock it off!"
"Clone! Watch your fire!"


"Bull's Eye!"

[Kill Streak]
"Set em up and knock em down!"

[Nearby Grenade]
"Look out!"

"Mark that turret"
"This turret needs fixing"

"I'll fix this turret up right" (Engineer)

[Enemy Hero Spotted]
"Darth Maul? What's he going to do, bleed on us?"
"It's Jango Fett! And he's brought his head!"
"Boba Fett? Will you sign my helmet?"
"It's General Grevious!"
"It's General Malevolence, er uh, General Grevious!"
"Get Dooku!"
"Take down the traitor!"
"Jango Fett!"
"It's Jango! Watch those blasters!"
"Jangos Here, watch yourself!"
"Focus your fire on Jango!"
"Take down the bounty hunter!" (Jango Fett)
"Watch out for those wrist rockets!" (Jango Fett)



[Random Playing]
"Roger Roger"
"Repair cycle, started"
"Initiate Repair"
"Error, error!"
"Check your flanks!"
"We are being flanked"
"Target Acquired"
"Watch your five"
"Advance the attack!"
"Watch your sides"
"Fire at will!"

[Nearby Friendly Slaughter] = "cis1_inf_chatter_NearbyFriendlySlaughter NearbyFriendlySlaughter"
"Casualties are mounting!"
"Our numbers are falling!"
"We're losing ground!"
"Hold your ground!"

[Hostile Spotted]
"Hostile Detected" (cis1_inf_pc_com_hostile SpottedVO)

"Clone Trooper!"
"Eradicate the Clone!"
"Attack the Clone!"
"Destroy Sniper"
"Eliminate Sniper"
"Terminate Sniper"
"Stand forth sniper"
"Eliminate the Gammorean"
"Gaurd! Keep your distance!"
"Gaurd! Stand back!"
"Eliminate Turret"
"Target Turret"
"Dispose of turret"
"Turret target acquired"

[Enemy Vehicle Spotted]
"Detroy the walker"
"Secure that walker"
"Stop the AT-TE"

[Friendly Fire]
"Invalid target!"
"Re-adjust your targeting radical"
"Alert, malfunctioning droid!"
"You need maintenance!"
"Friendly fire!"
"You've got it"
"Roger that"

"Target down"
"Well aimed"
"Hostile eliminated"

"Good Shot"
"Direct hit"
"Perfect Shot!"

[Kill Streak]
"Highly accurate shooting"
"Machines are superior"
"Was your aim radical recently calibrated?" (Really fast chatter, don't know exactly what he said)
"You are a one droid army!"
"Your efficiency exceeds expected parameters"
"You have surpassed your hourly quota"
"How are you doing that?!"

[Nearby Grenade]
"In coming explosive!"
"Take cover!"
"Uh oh"

"Follow me"
"Begin Turret Repair"
"Maintain this position" (cis1_inf_pc_com_defend DefendPositionVO)
"I need recharging" (cis1_inf_pc_com_bacta NeedMedicVO)
"I require maintenance" (cis1_inf_pc_com_mechanic NeedRepairVO)
"Ammo request initiated" (cis1_inf_pc_com_ammo NeedAmmoVO)
"Request transport" (cis1_inf_pc_com_transport NeedPickupVO)
"Request additional support" (cis1_inf_pc_com_backup NeedBackupVO)
"Commence attack maneuver" (cis1_inf_pc_com_clear_area AttackPositionVO)

"Here's a quick fix"
"Turret repair complete"

[Enemy Hero Spotted]
"Eliminate Jedi!"
"Target the Jedi!"
"Jedi! Choose alternate route!"

[?] "Nice Grouping"
[?] "Roger, boom"
[?] "This does not compute"
[?] "Messy messy"
[?] " ? his parts!"

-----Rebel Alliance-----

[Random Playing]
"They're trying to flank us"
"10, 4"
"Fall back!"
"We've got them on the run!"

[Enemy Spotted]
"I'm taking you down, plastic boy!"
"You think that armor's gonna help?"
"Join the Empire. Save the Galaxy! Right"
"They're all over!"
"Dark Trooper incoming!"
"Die! Die! Die!"

[Enemy Vehicle Spotted]
"Try to make him crash"
"Man they're fast"
"You crazy driver"
"Take out their support!"
"We've got AT-AT's!"
"They've got AT-ST's!"
"Chicken walker! Take cover!"
"Pesky chicken walkers, take em out!"
"Take out that walker!"

[Friendly Fire]
"Friendly Fire!"
"Watch your fire!"
"What, are you blind!?"
"Are you blind?!"

"Don't get up"

"Just like shooting wamp rats, eh kid?"

[Kill Streak]

[Nearby Grenade]
"Grenade, Grenade!"
"Hit the dirt!"

"Work on that turret"

"Hang on, let me fix you up"
"That vehicle needs some work"
"Beginning turret repairs"

[Enemy Hero Spotted]
"Darth Vader!"
"Throw an Ewok at him!" (Upon seeing Vader on the Endor Battlefront)
"Vader! Let's take him out!"
"It's Vader!... Let's find another way around!"
"Watch that lightsaber!"
"It's Boba Fett! Shoot his jetpack. He hates that"



-----Imperial Army-----

[Random Playing]
"Blowing stuff up never get's old!"
"For the Emperor!"
"Watch your flanks"
"Who ah!"
"I've got your six"

[Enemy Spotted]
"Cover me!"
"Take out that rebel scum"
"Take out that wookie!"
"Go! Get the Wookie!"
"He's coming around"
"Squash the scum!"
"Cut them off!"
"I want those rebels dead!"
"Take out that spy!"

[Enemy Vehicle Spotted]
"Take out that turret!"
"Take out that Snow Speeder!"
"Taun Taun, take em out!"
"Snow speeder, coming in"

[Friendly Fire]
"Ow! Watch where your shooting!"
"Check your fire!"
"I'm not the enemy!"

"Hostile Dead"
"And stay down!"


[Kill Streak]

[Nearby Grenade]
"Down! Down! Down!"


"Repairing vehicle, hold on"
"Vehicle ready to go"
"Getting out"
"Roger that"
"Copy that"

[Enemy Hero Spotted]
"Skywalker? No one told me anything about Skywalker, I'm getting outta here!
"Let's show him what a disturbance in the Force really is!"




[General Grevious]
"I could do this with two... no, THREE hands behind my back!" (High kill streak)

[Darth Maul]
"You worms are no match for the dark side."

[Count Dooku]
"Tell the generals that Count Dooku is here" (Spawn)
"This is Dooku, what is the situation?" (Spawn)
"The dark side has made me invincible!"
"Victory is mine!"
"I must attend to other matters, carry on" (Death)

[Jango Fett]
"Jango Fett on the job" (Spawn)
"This Jango, what do you want?" (Spawn)
"This is a waste of my talent"
"A Gungan could have finished this job" (Kill Streak)
"At this rate, I'll be able to retire soon" (Kill Streak)
"My work here is done. I'll expect my payment in the usual manner" (Death)

[Princess Leia]
This is Leia. What have you gotten yourself into this time? (Spawn)

[Han Solo]
"Solo here, where's the fire?" (Spawn)
"All right, All right, don't get your shorts in a knot!" (Spawn)
"Hockey religons and ancient weapons are no match for a blaster by your side."
"Han Solo: Your all clear kid."

[Emperor Palpatine]
"Your master has arrived!" (Spawn)

[Master Yoda]
"Yoda I am, fight I will." (Spawn)

[Darth Vader]
"This is Lord Vader" (Spawn)
"What is thy bidding my master?" (Spawn)
"Feel the power of the darkside" (Kill Streak)
"Your strength is nothing compared to the dark side" (Kill Streak)
"I am finished my master" (Death)

[Anakin Skywalker]
"Feel the power of the Dark Side!" (Kill Streak)

[Obi Wan Kenobi]
"Is that the best you've got? I'm hardly breaking a sweat."

[Mace Windu]
"This is Windu, ready for action." (Spawn)
I've done all I can. May the force be with you. (Death)

Can you guys think of any others? We can make a list. I'm playing the game now to find more, there are some really rare ones that aren't heard too often
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SWBF2 Quotes

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