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 [A.V.A] Alliance of Valiant Arms

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[A.V.A] Alliance of Valiant Arms  Empty
PostSubject: [A.V.A] Alliance of Valiant Arms    [A.V.A] Alliance of Valiant Arms  I_icon_minitime7/13/2012, 7:14 am

Alliance of Valiant Arms is one of those rare F2P MMO gems that has both top-notch graphics and extremely in-depth and varied gameplay. A.V.A can easily hold its own against pay-to-play FPS games like Counter-Strike Source and even Call of Duty 4, both in graphics and gameplay. -MMO Hut

AVA Has well over 50 maps/modes and over 150 weapons!

Player vs Player Modes

Annihilation: Mission proceeds until one side of troop sustains substantial damage and retreats from combat.

Demolition: To complete the mission and win the round, demolish the Bomb Point. Normally, there are two Bomb Points. Demolish either one to complete the mission. Only 1 C4 is given so the mission will fail if the C4 is disarmed.

Escort: To win the round, you must escort the tank to specified point within the Mission Time. The mission is a failure if you do not complete the escort within the given Mission Time.

Convoy: To win players must transport a designated object to the target area to win. The object is guarded by the opposing force.

Domination: In this game, both sides compete for domination over a target. There is no offensive or defensive team.

Free For All: FFA mode is an individual military drill where it is every man for himself. Everyone is your enemy. In order to win this individual match, you must be the first to reach the pre-set score amount or have the highest score when the time runs out.

Cross Steal: Objective of Cross steal is to retrieve the enemy’s Nuclear Launch Key and return to own base with it while own Nuclear Launch Key is still in position.

Escape: Objective of Escape mission is for the EU team to reach the escape point while the NRF team ‘s objective is to annihilate the EU soldiers or to prevent the EU from reaching the escape point within the time limit.

Soccer: A special melee only Annihilation mode. The soccer ball in the center of the map grants your team extra points if you reach the goal opposite to you.

Sports: This mode lets players fight head to head in various challenges. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Co-op Modes

Survival: In this mission, the goal is to survive as long as possible against AI opponents.
Players have a chance to acquire additional ammunition or health packs from enemy kills. Use the explosive drums wisely.

Escape: In this mission, players must reach the exit point before the mission timer runsout. The mission fails when the timer runs out before reaching the exit point or the player team is annihilated.

Rescue: Locate and Rescue Eva then make way to the rooftop and escape by helicopter

Death Valley: Locate Colonel Panfilov, eliminate him and quickly escape from the island on a boat.

Lockdown: Survive as long as possible while eliminating all the enemies in the prison facility.

Battle Gear Beginz: By moving past the obstacles for each round, you need to move to where the last heavy assault-type BattleGear is and destroy it.

AI Demolition: To complete the mission and win the round, demolish either one to complete the mission. The enemy team consists of 18 AI who will try and eliminate your team and defuse the bomb when planted.

Suppression: Up to 4 players against large numbers of bots. Sniper only.

Infection: At the start of the round 1-2 host zombies will be selected at random, they need to infect all other players to win. If the time runs out and there are still non infected players remaining Humans win.

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[A.V.A] Alliance of Valiant Arms

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