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 [résolu]AI Intelligence

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Storm Trooper Corporal
Storm Trooper Corporal

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PostSubject: [résolu]AI Intelligence   5/31/2012, 11:52 pm

The AI in this game can be kind of idiotic at times.

The response to running out of ammo is switching to the pistol (or fusion cutter) and never reloading the primary. That makes sense for classes like the rocketeer but for classes with rifles and shotguns it just ends up getting them killed.

Is there a way to tell the bots not to use their pistol unless they run out of ammo completely? As for the fusion cutter (I edited its odf to where it can heal other droids) Is there a way to tell the AI to use the fusion cutter to heal teammates?

Or is that this impossible to change?

Thanks, Glitch25

(I'm sorry for all the questions over the past month, but I really want to get to know how to mod this game better)

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Dark Trooper Phase 1 Class

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PostSubject: Re: [résolu]AI Intelligence   6/1/2012, 5:02 am

Try adding these to your units odf files.

UnitType = "pilot" <---------------- for engineers, medic
UnitType = "trooper" <------------ for riflemen
UnitType = "assault" <------------ for heavy troopers (rocket luancher)
UnitType = "support" <------------ for units with buffs
UnitType = "Scout" <------------ for sniper

This will make each class act different from one another.

UnitType = "pilot" <------------<< will make your medic or engineer give out ammo or health or heal vehicles with the fusion cutters.

UnitType = "support" <----------<< will make the class with buffs use them near you or other units so you get buffed.

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[résolu]AI Intelligence

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