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 Maps and Mods review and commentary

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PostSubject: Maps and Mods review and commentary    11/10/2011, 3:39 pm

You like a map or a mod, or you just discovered it ? Talk about it here (you can add pics of the map/mod, gameplay and review).

So i start, i just discovered the Khimera: Battlegrounds map-pack made by Yankfan made in 2009.


My Opinion: it is really nice map pack with 5 maps:
- Khimera: Beach:
Really nice environment, good layout.
- Khimera: Islands:
Good environment, looks like an Endor environment, i like the command post placed in the volcano, it is small but nice and effective.
- Khimera: Jungle:
Similar to Khimera: Islands
A nice layout, some nicely added reskinned rhen var props as ruins.
- Khimera: Plains:
Probably my second favorite map of the pack, nice layout, ambience, some rhen var props too, and T-47 speeders is a nice addon, we can see some buildings of the city in the horizon.
- Khimera: Streets:
My favorite map of the map-pack, a nice city with blue and grey reskinned naboo buildings with a dark sky, there's grey fog, it's probably the thing that finalizes the map, there's a nice layout, some little rocks on the city.

But the map pack doesn't only add 5 nice maps, it also has 3 eras on each map. A custom clone wars era, a custom galactic civil war era and it also has support for the dark times I era. The eras are very good, nice skins, weapons, there's a good balance between sides. And the map-pack has 12 random heroes ! And they are great: Corran Horn, Cin Dralling, IG-100 magnagard, Durge, a clone commander... I'll let you discover.

In conclusion, it is a great map-pack, it is worth a download for sure.
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Maps and Mods review and commentary

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