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 What good thing just happened to you ?

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Scout Trooper Sergeant
Scout Trooper Sergeant

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PostSubject: What good thing just happened to you ?   11/9/2011, 7:42 pm

I won an exemplary of the game Need For Speed: The run Very Happy, look : http://www.needforspeed.com/fr_FR/post/concours-nfs-run-gagnants-semaine-1?source=therun

So happy, first time i won something, and i am a big fan of the need for speed series.
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Scout Trooper Commander
Scout Trooper Commander

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PostSubject: Re: What good thing just happened to you ?   11/9/2011, 8:57 pm

I unlocked the double-domination ladder in UT2004's SP tournament again after not playing for a few years. I am team captain of Shadow Sovereign Squad (I came up with the name myself) ...a team of mostly members from the Iron Guard in Unreal lore. My team consists of 5 other people including myself. 1 member slot in the tournament is inactive because I need to unlock it by completing more matches. I have an overall credit balance of 2,502 and my teammates' paychecks are roughly 200-300 credits each, so they might run me dry if I start to slack off even remotely.

So far, every team I have encountered, I smeared their blood all over the walls of every arena. With prize money in the high hundreds to low thousands, why would I slack off? I have completed all the deathmatch and team deathmatch qualifying rounds and finally got to double-domination, so I must go through all the team based gametypes in order to reach the final ladder - championship...where I'll fight the elite of the elite and take the title of champion should I succeed....and I WILL succeed. The tournaments in the Unreal Tournament games are extremely cutthroat, no matter the difficulty. I even had to defeat all my team mates, after recruiting them, to show that I am worthy to be team captain.

Right now the difficulty settings are the equivalent to normal in most games (meaning, you can easily lose if you don't know what you're doing, but you'll still at least have a chance to turn things around. Even though, these days, normal might as well be easy). I don't want it being too easy, nor do I want it to be deathly impossible (trust me, Godlike is virtually impossible. At least for me now...some people break no sweat. I have to get use to that difficulty before trying the tournament at that level). Trust me, it really is challenging.

My last team deathmatch qualifying round was against Super Nova...the only real threat against us right now that I can see, but the teams Goliath and Sun Blade could creep up on us if we're not weary. We beat Super Nova by one point in a 60 frag limit match. So, we won 60-59. I haven't lost once yet in the tournament...not about to now, but I may have jinxed myself by saying that.

I haven't played online in years, but I might try again sometime down the line, but for now, fighting bots that are evenly matched with me is the best thing, since it does prove to be challenge. If there were an option to attach a file, I would attach my exported HTML file so you guys can track my tournament stats.
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What good thing just happened to you ?

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