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 Unreal Tournament 1999 to UT3

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PostSubject: Unreal Tournament 1999 to UT3   11/6/2011, 9:06 pm

I was wondering if there are any Unreal Tournament fans here.

I've played pretty much all of them save for Unreal Championship 2, but I love the series nonetheless.

I've played:
Unreal Tournament 1999 (Game of the Year Edition, mom's copy)
UT2003 Demo (downloaded the demo)
UT2004 full (renders UT2003 pointless in my opinion, bought)
Unreal Championship 1 (rented)
Unreal Tournament 3 (bought)

I own:
UT3 (2007)

Anyone have any favorites here? I actually really like the Unreal Engines over the years. Many great games have been made on those engines. Some of them started out as mods (Killing Floor and Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45).

Sadly I cannot play UT3 on this laptop. Nor can I play UT1999 because of some weird problem. However, I have UT2004 installed and I am enjoying that greatly with the Ballistic Weapons mod.

Great games. Love 'em.

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Unreal Tournament 1999 to UT3

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